Priscila Alaniz

Green Marketing, Graphic design & Co-ordination

Priscila is presently the director of the area of Social/Environmental Business studies, in the ‘Universidad del Medio Ambiente’, Mexico, or UMA, the first of it’s kind in Latin America. Her responsibilities involve the coordination of the MBA they offer, the design of diploma courses and workshops aimed at entrepreneurs, as well as the development and execution of proposals and consultation services for sustainable businesses. She has experience as a guide in the process of collaborative design or co-design, design thinking, business strategy, administration and project management, communication and green marketing both in the ‘Universidad del Medio Ambiente’  as in other institutions like the Universidad de Monterrey, HUB in Oaxaca or independent collectives of social entrepreneurs.

Jane Tait Designer

Jane Tait

Art Direction, Graphic design & Illustration

Co-founder and lead designer, Jane principally guides the styling and concepts for new projects. Jane started her career in 3d animation and special effects for television commercials and eye dents, later falling in love with what she could do with that knowledge and skill set in website design and pure graphics. She started doing webdesign around 17 years ago when it all began and learned the language well. Jane is passionate about design and communication, she lived in Italy for 10 years, and moved there for that specific reason, developing there her skills and giving form to her ideas and tastes. Jane also has experience in community education working as a guide for two groups of women embroiderers in the Yukatan for TAE, this is something Jane plans to do more of in Mexico.

Paolo Ballarini


Paolo the other co-founder of HNKSstudio is a multi faceted photographer from Italy, who’s main passions are sports photography and  horses. Paolo was the principal photographer for VMAGMEX produced by HNK, providing the photography for almost every article. Paolo provides portrait and event services too when he can, producing the most devine photographs of children and newlyweds, for more info

Thomas Rohner

Photography & Soul Slides

Tom is an expert in tourism development and events management, he is also the cofounder of a wonderful thing called the love tuner, which you can read all about here. With us he does some client liasing, photography and his very special soul slides, which allow the user to reach a better and more profound connection with the subject they are observing. Soul slides editied together with music are created for installation spaces, events and website presentations, providing a very powerful communication tool for the client.